My research and writing reflect my work as a minister. I served as the Associate Editor of Sound Words for fourteen years, authored or co-authored numerous books (see below), contributed to a number of other publications and books, am currently writing workbooks to assist teachers in teaching the text of the Bible and editing a highly literal translation of the New Testament. Besides these books, you may click here to read one of my graduate papers, a consideration of the rhetoric of Paul’s sermon on Areopagus.

How to Study the Bible
How to Study the Bible: A Practical Guide to Biblical Hermeneutics
What God Hath Joined Together: The Beauty of Christian Marriage
Shadows of Good Things to Come: A Devotional Survey of the Pentateuch
As For Me and My House: A Devotional Survey of Joshua-Kings

Additional Writing:
  • Former Associate Editor of Sound Words
  • Wrote the brochures and manual for Midwestern School of Preaching
  • Has written a tract, “The Mirror of the Soul”
  • Has written several chapters for publication in various series of lectures
  • Has had articles printed in The Gospel Journal, Carolina Christian, Matters of THE Faith, Seek the Old Paths, Christian Bible Teacher, Unity in Truth, Proclaimer, Four State Gospel News, The Voice of Truth International and The Way of Truth, and of course, Sound Words
  • Writes most of his own bulletin articles, which are often reprinted in others’ bulletins
  • Has written newspaper articles

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