About Me

My name is Kevin W. Rhodes. I am an author, instructor, minister, and host of the Gospel Broadcasting Network’s program Expositions. Making these work together has been my challenge for some time now. Fortunately, I get to go home each day to a wonderful, intelligent, talented wife and two great daughters who are too grown up for a man my age. They make me smile and keep me grounded.

I am a graduate of Cisco College (Associate of Applied Arts in Music (1989)), the University of Central Missouri (Bachelor of Science in History), West Texas A & M University (Master of Arts in History (2006); Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology (2016)), Tarleton State University (Master of Arts in Political Science (2011)), and Mid-West School of Biblical Studies (Diploma in Bible (1992)). Despite the required work, I enjoy learning, and I have always found a way to apply what I am studying to my life and work.

Over the last twenty-five+ years I have served as a minister in five different congregations in three different states, working with the Granbury Street Church of Christ in Cleburne, Texas since December 2003. During that time I also served for a while as the Director of Curriculum for Midwestern School of Preaching and as the Associate Editor of Sound Words for fourteen years. I have had the privilege of speaking around the country on various biblical subjects, giving marriage seminars and singing schools, and meeting some wonderful people. And now, I have the opportunity to have a conversation about these things and more with you.

What More Could There Be?
  • I enjoy target shooting and bowling because they both require focus and concentration, ironically helping me relax.
  • I was a Tuba major in college before training to preach. Favorite solo? Beelzebub. I know. Strange choice for a preacher.
  • I love almost all styles of music if performed well, though partial to those I have performed.
  • I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, and Pi Gamma Mu.
  • I enjoy playing my guitars and writing songs when I have time and have recorded a CD of my own music (mostly country) that really should listen to sometime.
  • I think John Denver was the greatest singer songwriter of all time despite his confused views on nature.
  • I love photographing waterfalls, something that usually forms the basis for a family vacation each year.
  • I have Asperger’s Syndrome. Fortunately, most people do not realize this.
  • If you don’t know me personally, just think about a cross between Mr. Darcy and Sherlock Holmes.

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